Yasam Sasmazer was born in Istanbul in 1980.

She received her BA & MA in Sculpture from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul. 

In her early works she focused on the dichotomies intrinsic to human nature, the inner darkness, the tendency to violence, and the processes of self-discovery, along with the psychological concepts such as shadow archetype, doppelgänger and metanoia. With her wooden sculptures, she refers to the eerie and dark sides of human beings.


In her current works, she tackles the relationship between mankind and nature, focusing on its contradictions and malfunctions; and she explores themes such as invasion, decay, ruins, remembrance, and transience of memories through her sculptures.Flora and fauna encroaches on the very profile of the figures, nature invading the human realm instead of the other way around. 

She merges the human and the natural, organic material growing out of the sculptures. The materials which the artist works like wood, paper and other organic/found materials like fungus, moss, earth and stones change over time; being as transience and degradable as memory itself and expresses the feeling of loss and dispossession.They remind us the fragility of the existence, and ultimately, our mortality.